Audio that Shines

The voice in your commercial should sell the product. The narration in your video should guide the visual story, not distract from it. The elements of your podcast should form its identity. Don't allow subpar audio to cloud your production. Let it shine.

Voice Over

Commercial ,
Documentaries - Regional ,
Phone Menu

Audio Clean & Cut

You lay it down, I will clean it up. Whether it's 30 seconds or 30 minutes, send your raw audio to me, and I'll send it back pop, click, and breath-free.

Podcast Production

You have the content. I will enrich it with an intro & outro, relevant sound clips, music, and sound effects, transforming your content into an elegant series.

Radio Imaging

You have the personality. Want an audience? Show elements are key to forming your identity. Let me help you establish a presence that distinguishes you from the line-up.

Music Search & Licensing

Your spot is ready. Let me set the tone.


You have the script, and need a voice or two. Or three! My tight network of high-quality artists will exceed your expectations.